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BOGE Analytics

With BOGE analytics you receive a unique analysis and optimisation tool, which builds your compressed air system on proactive feedback. You always obtain all important parameters at a glance, even on your mobile device; and most importantly: the system delivers realistic savings targets. Set the course for continuous optimisation of efficiency.


Compressed air with added value

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The new benchmark for oil free compressed air.

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Our solutions

Dynamic and Open to the World - Operating in Over 120 countries.
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In harsh conditions, clean-room areas or on the high seas – BOGE compressed air systems ensure maximum efficiency all over the world and in any environment. BOGE systems are known for being extremely reliable, with low maintenance and energy consumption levels. That alone will win over anyone in your business that has to keep an eye on the figures…


Careers at BOGE

It’s not only our sales figures that are continuously going up. In 2015 alone we hired fifty new employees.
Joining BOGE

People at BOGE

    • Image Of BOGE Compressors Assistant Manager Ajoscha Schlosser

    Aljoscha Schlosser choose BOGE as his preferred partner when opting for Germany's dual vocational training system - little realising how swiftly his career would then progress....

    • Image Of BOGE Compressors Mareike Heinrich Leader Of Research And Development

    Mareike Heinrich is living proof that it's possible to be both a mother and manager at BOGE.

    • Image Of BOGE Compressors Asministration Accountant Peggy Teo

    Peggy Teo has become expert in SAP for order processing and accounts with BOGE's help.

    • Photo Of BOGE Compressors Amunugama General Manager For BOGE Asia Pacific

    Amunugama gave up his own firm to promote BOGE as General Manager in the markets of Southeast Asia.