The Operated Costs of an Air Compressor

Friday, March 20, 2020

Operating an air compressor has underlying maintenance and running costs.

The Operated Costs of an Air Compressor

These costs can be significantly reduced with a more efficient air compressor design. In this article, we are going to look at how you can determined the cost of operating an air compressor. You can then make the best possible decision about current and future air compressor purchases.


Two Things to Keep in Mind About Air Compressor Costs

We often think that when we buy a piece of equipment that the true cost is just the equipment itself. However, there there are two other things we need to keep in mind when calculating the cost of compressed air. Together, these make up the operational costs and are separate from the initial purchase price.


Operational costs include:


  1. Running Costs: This includes everything it costs to keep your air compressor running while producing the air pressure and flow rate you require. Most of this comes down to how you power your air compressor and the efficiency of your equipment. Big savings can be made by purchasing air compressors that reduce running costs.


  1. Maintenance Costs: The second part of your operational cost involves maintenance. Too many businesses think only about the ideal situation when their air compressors run as intended, to peak efficiency, and without any need for maintenance. However, the reality is that maintenance, including servicing and the replacement of parts, is a key contributor to rising operational costs. With BOGE engineering, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum, but lower quality competitor air compressors can break down often. This can cripple a business with unforeseen operational costs.


Running Costs of Air Compressors

Most air compressors use electricity from the main supply in order to generate compressed air, while some portable models use Fuel. The costs associated with the power source are primarily what defines running cost.


For example, according the U.S. Department of Energy, air compression power usage can account of 10% of all running costs. When large amounts of air compression are required, this amount can significantly increase, with standard measures between €0.0096 and €0.0115 per m³ (meter cube) of air produced, quickly amounting to huge costs.


When looking at the entire running costs of an air compressor, its power usage amounts to 76% of its overall cost to the user, with the equipment itself only taking up 12%, and maintenance another 12% for its lifetime costs.


BOGE Kompressoren's engineers have designed the new S4 range and our Turbo Technology, to bring these costs down and support industries with far lower running costs and more efficiency than competitors.


Maintenance Costs of Air Compressors

We mentioned that maintenance can constitute as much as 12% of the operational cost. However, for many, it's much more than this. Reasons for this include:


  • Inappropriate Use: The compressor is being used for a scenario and volume for which it was not designed, causing burnout.


  • Wrong Accessories: Even if a high quality compressor, like BOGE's piston compressors, are installed, if the wrong accessories are used, this can damage the compressor unnecessarily by putting it under increased load or exposing it to strain.


  • Poor Design: While BOGE Kompressoren has developed a strong reputation as an innovative manufacturer of air compressors throughout our 111 years,  there are many other manufacturers who give air compression a bad name. Products with poor design and inadequate materials break regularly, causing users frustration and spiraling costs. That's why BOGE Singapore is the best place to source quality air compressors in the Asia-Pacific region – we only stock the best BOGE products.


  • Bad Maintenance: Air compressors need to be maintained properly and timely. If someone maintains their equipment incorrectly, it's only a matter of time before a component fails.


How to Reduce Air Compressor Operating Costs

The best way to reduce air compressor operating costs is to use a respected brand like BOGE. That way, you will have a compressor that is easy to maintain, requires very little upkeep, lasts for many years, and uses less electricity while still being powerful.


If you would like to learn about any of our products, contact one of our advisors today and they will match you with the best air compressor for your needs.