C-2: A New Series of Screw Compressors

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

BOGE has just launched a new line of screw compressors, the C-2 series, which improves the performance and characteristics of the compressor series C, valued and applied in industrial, food and health plants worldwide.

The C series had as its main feature of offering extraordinarily compact and efficient products, that could also be adapted to small work environments, ensuring consistently high performance. A step forward compared to older generations is represented by great flexibility due to the many combinations available, and to the ease of maintenance interventions.


As for its technical characteristics, the new products are suitable for compressed air needs of small and medium entities; until they reach a power up to 22 kW when they may have a refrigerating dryer and heat recovery system integrated into the machine cabin.


Like their predecessors, these screw compressors are developed around the compact screw-unit BOGE BS 32, which is made with the finest quality and durable materials. Thanks to the large axial and radial bearing dimensions, it is assured as safe, silent, and reliable over time. The compact screw unit integrates the various components connected with internal lines to the merger, of which there is no risk of losses to the connections.


All Of The Features For The New C-2 Series

As previously mentioned, all C2 series screw compressors are equipped with the latest generation technical characteristics:


  • Modular and Compact Technology
  • Live Broadcast on Inverter Versions
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Electronic Control System
  • Integrated Dryer (optional)


The modular technology allows the user to configure the compression system according to specific requirements, and the needs of its production of compressed air, but without any changes to the basic design. The machine is compact and of small dimension, and all the additional components are installed inside the frame and delivered to customers as a single product, turnkey. The power range can vary from 11 kW to 22 kW.


The C-2 models also represent a turning point concerning the realisation of low-noise compressors. They are equipped with a standard soundproof hood, which dramatically decreases the noise produced by the working compressor. Even vibrations are reduced by connecting the motor to the base frame in a flexible manner. Besides this, the sound-insulating panels are easily removable, to speed up system maintenance operations.


Ease of maintenance is, in fact, one of the main features of the whole new range of screw compressors: C2 series is designed in a modular and flexible way to allow technicians to intervene quickly and timely on individual parts. The compressor control is ergonomically implemented, and it is located on the front plate or inclined upwards, depending on whether the compressor is installed on the ground or a tank.


All compressors are equipped with the standard Base Control System, which displays the main operating parameters on the LCD, including automatic frost protection and integrated leakage monitoring. Alternatively, the Focus Control 2.0 control system may be chosen as an option, which offers all the interfacing and programming possibilities appropriate to environment Industry 4.0.


Optional Features  

Among the optional features are primarily the possibility of integrating the C-2 series compressors with BOGE DUOTHERM, a heat recovery system that will allow you to reuse up to 94% of the energy produced by the compressor for heating or the production of hot water.


Even the adjustment of the frequency is particularly recommended to reduce the consumption of energy and the noise of the machine. It is today, a comprehensive system of regulation in the screw compressors world. The Series C-2 integrates this feature with the use of a direct 1:1 connection between the electric motor and the screw unit.


Another exciting option is the refrigerating dryer which can be integrated into the frame of the compressor, to also use the system for applications where air quality plays a decisive role, without requiring additional installation space.