Covid-19: how BOGE Air Compressors Can Save Lives in 2020

Thursday, May 7, 2020

While the world is in the grips of Covid19, the pandemic has put significant pressure on our health care professionals. Doctors, nurses, and other medics are battling this terrible disease so that we can emerge from this dark period with hope.

While the world is in the grips of Covid19, the pandemic has put significant pressure on our health care professionals. Doctors, nurses, and other medics are battling this terrible disease so that we can emerge from this dark period with hope.


In order to do this, they need to be able to deliver clean air to patients at a moment's notice.


It's only right, that medical professionals be given the best equipment to ensure reliable care and the best outcomes for patients. This is what BOGE and its engineers have put our resources towards, and it has resulted in the EO 6 ADR MED, an easy to install, reliable way to assist patients afflicted by Covid19.


This new equipment is here to save as many lives as possible, as is our complete range of medical grade air compressors.


How BOGE Compressed Air Saves Lives

Throughout the healthcare sector, compressed air is an essential source for breathing support and the powering of surgical tools. Air compression is therefore critical for many medical applications. BOGE's technologies and products are used primarily to deliver oxygen therapy to patients. Whether in an operating room, an emergency room, or on a hospital ward, patients need clean oxygen, delivered at the exact correct volume.


If this volume dips or becomes unreliable, the patient's life will be put at risk. BOGE's centralized ventilation systems guarantee clean air, at the correct volume, and at constant flow, so medical experts and patients can both be confident that treatment outcomes will be as positive as possible.


BOGE's ventilation systems and air compressors can be scaled to suit massive demand, and they can also be used for a variety of purposes in a hospital setting, including:


  • Creating the correct oxygen mix with nitrous oxide and anaesthesia agents to ensure safe sedation during surgical procedures.


  • Powering drills, saws, and other equipment required during operations.


  • Delivering the correctly pressurised oxygen mix to those with low oxygen levels, such as those with lung disease or premature infants.


During Covid-19 why Hospitals Need BOGE's Sterile Air

It isn't just the vast range of medical applications requiring compressed air that's important; the quality of that air is paramount. There is no point in using air compressors and air compressor accessories if the compressors contain particulate matter such as oil droplets.


Germs are also a huge concern, especially during an outbreak like the corona virus, and so proper filtration of breathing, cleaning, and ventilation air is a must.


Medical air has to operate to the highest standards for human consumption. This is why BOGE's EO series is designed to offer air which complies with ISO (International Standards Organization) quality. Such air must be rated at 1.2.0 or above.


What that means is that for every cubic meter of compressed air produced, there can be no more than 400 particles, which is a minuscule amount. This needs to be achieved alongside producing very little humidity, as condensation can cause breathing problems in patients as the lining of their lungs absorbs water.


That's why medical compressed air is required to have no water vapor and no oil particles present. This is achieved through BOGE's innovative filtration options and other air compressor technologies.


The Mobile Air Compressor Solution

To assist hospitals around the world, we've recently released our BOGE E0 Med line of air compressors. We have developed these now compressors for medical professionals because they are:


  • Easy to install within just a couple of hours
  • Can supplement existing air supplies and compressors
  • Silent so as to be non-intrusive for patients and medical workers
  • Oil free, delivering clean, safe air


Many countries across Asia and beyond have had to create makeshift hospitals or transform existing buildings into treatment centers due to the sheer volume of corona virus patients. The EO Med series  has been created so that it is easy to install in these new environments, especially in places like hotels, sports, halls, exhibition halls, and other temporary ventilation centers.


The air quality produced is in complete line with EU and Australia rules (HTM 02-01 and NFPA99).


Our goal is to get these compressors to those who need them most as quickly as possible.


BOGE Offers Essential Medical Air to the Asia Pacific Region

BOGE Kompressoren is on the front-line with medical workers, bringing cutting edge air compression to hospitals in 80 countries and across 200 branches. Our compressors are designed for the worst case scenarios when patients' lives depend upon clean oxygen therapy and other medical equipment.


This has become even more apparent during the Covid19 crisis. Our Singapore branch has been working tirelessly with governments, hospitals, and medical professionals across the entire Asia pacific region, to ensure that doctors and nurses have the tools to save as many people as possible.

For more information on our line of medical air compressors, check out our in-depth medical compressor article on our offerings or contact one of our expert advisors today.