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Boge Compressors Singapore Mantainance after Lockdown Covid19

Maintenance of Compressors After Lockdown

In the South-Asia Pacific region, many industries have been temporarily shut down due to the covid-19 pandemic. As restrictions are lifting across numerous countries, it's important now to understand how this lull in operation will have impacted your compressor set up.   In this article, we're going to discuss the maintenance issues you might face when restarting your compressors after a period of inactivity.

Boge Singapore Compressed Air Filters

Importance of Replacing Filtration Elements to Achieve Guaranteed ISO Class 0/1/2 Air Quality

Proper maintenance of filtration elements is a must in environments where high quality, clean air is essential. In this article, we're going to discuss why replacing filtration elements to achieve guaranteed ISO class 0/1/2 air quality is so important, and why you should consider BOGE for both your air production and filtration/treatment needs.

Condensate Drains Boge Singapore

Why Condensate Drains Are Essential for Air System Efficiency

If only life were as simple as installing an air compressor and switching it on to achieve your goals. Unfortunately, every Compressed Air system is only as good as its weakest link. If you don't back up a quality, energy efficient air compressor with a great condensate drains to avoid air leakages and pressure losses, and then your entire system’s energy efficiency will fail.


Covid-19: how BOGE Air Compressors Can Save Lives in 2020

While the world is in the grips of Covid19, the pandemic has put significant pressure on our health care professionals. Doctors, nurses, and other medics are battling this terrible disease so that we can emerge from this dark period with hope.


Thank You to Our Healthcare, Military. and Emergency Workers

The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the greatest challenges modern civilization has faced.



This BOGE EO Med mobile solution shall offer a simple to install possibility to extend existing medical air installations or to built up complete new medical air systems within a just a couple of hours and a minimum of installation works.

The Operated Costs of an Air Compressor

The Operated Costs of an Air Compressor

Operating an air compressor has underlying maintenance and running costs.

Air Compressors and Noise

Air Compressors and Noise

The sound pressure levels generated by an air compressor are a critical consideration when buying one. Many competitor compressors are inefficient in terms of performance, and sound pollution levels.


BOGE Featured in FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal

BOGE's latest generation of screw compressors has been featured in a piece by Industrysourcing publication, the FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal. The article highlights the new generation of C-2 screw compressors, BOGE has developed to empower health and food manufacturing industries in search of peak efficiency.


How to Know Your Piston Compressor Needs to Be Changed

Whether you use an air compressor within a commercial, sensitive, or domestic setting, it's important that you can rely on your equipment to produce the flow rate and quality of air you require. In some instances, such as in the medical profession, a bad or failing compressor can even jeopardize lives.