BOGE Featured in FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal

Sunday, March 8, 2020

BOGE's latest generation of screw compressors has been featured in a piece by Industrysourcing publication, the FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal. The article highlights the new generation of C-2 screw compressors, BOGE has developed to empower health and food manufacturing industries in search of peak efficiency.


The C-2 Series: Leading the Charge

As highlighted in the FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal article, the C Series is one of BOGE's most popular air compressor lines. Now, with the advent of the C-2 range, BOGE Kompressoren and BOGE Singapore are able to offer even better performance and features to a range of industries across the Asia-Pacific region.


The C-2 Series has been engineered to build on the success of the original C range which has proven itself as an indispensable option for the health, food, and industrial manufacturing industries. Launched as a definitive, all-in-one solution throughout the world, the C-2 compressor offers a complete solution for commercial environments where both a compressed air receiver and dryer are required. Covering all bases for customers, BOGE also offers a stand-alone version which is the perfect fit for larger systems.


The C-2 is a significant contender for the most efficient, cost-effective option out there for manufacturers.


Compact Design

One of the C-2's greatest attributes is its compact design, a fact explored in the FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal article. This makes the C-2 one of BOGE's most flexible offerings yet, where customers with smaller floor space can still benefit from the C-2's features.


Other innovative inclusions to the updated C-2 line offer:


  • Easy access to components
  • Simple maintenance
  • Ergonomic design making the unit easier to use and understand
  • Quieter than the original C Compressor, which in of itself benefited from BOGE's leading Whisper Quiet technology
  • Elegant aesthetic design
  • Key branding, so customers can benefit from the vast reputation of BOGE with their own clients and customers. If someone is using a BOGE compressor, they are in safe hands.
  • Completely bespoke specifications, allowing for hugely flexible configurations


Diversity Counts

There's a lot to list about the C-2 range, with BOGE engineers creating a masterclass in technical diversity. As pointed out in the article, the C-2 is built to excel at many things. While the exterior of the C-2 is cool and sleek for a compressor, the interior components are what allows this compressor to be such a powerhouse for so many industries. It's even more incredible that so much is packed into such a compact space.



Each C-2 offers simultaneous specifications including being:


  • Belt driven
  • Directly coupled
  • Frequency-controlled
  • Directly coupled


The fact that all of this is achievable in the same case is testament to what BOGE's engineers are capable of when designing new iterations of existing compressors.


Sound insulation is also a critical part of the BOGE approach. We understand that our compressors are used for a wide range of applications and that, in some instances, noise can be detrimental to those nearby. The C-2 has sound insulation as standard, making its already quiet design even better. However, BOGE doesn't just stop there: We also offer optional sound proofing on top of this insulation which drastically cuts down on noise and vibrations.


Power and Efficiency

In a time when more companies need to do their best to limit power use for the environment, BOGE is proud to be an industry leader with its super efficient air compressors. The C-2 is just such a compressor and comes with an IE3 motor. This motor is both a high-performance standard option and has excellent power efficiency. For those who want even more power and efficiency, BOGE is delighted to offer the new IE4 motor as an option for our customers.



Find Out More

The featured article in the FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal is a great read and expands on the efficiency of the C-2 Series, with some insightful observations about its “plug and play” accessibility and the frequency controlled fans which can be adapted to serve in many different conditions.



If you would like to learn more about the C-2 Series and BOGE's other innovative compressors and accessories, feel free to peruse our product line. Alternatively, our BOGE Singapore technicians are standing by to answer any queries you might have about  our products. Contact us today and join the BOGE revolution.