Singapore plant invests in BOGE’s air compressors for maximum energy efficiency

Industrial facilities in Singapore must conform to the Singapore’s National Environment Agency’s mandatory Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), aimed at improving the energy efficiency of electric motors and industrial facilities in Singapore.

And because such prime importance is placed on energy-conserving equipment, an electronics company planning to set up a new plant in Singapore approached BOGE, renowned for its high-performance oil-free compressors. For the new plant, besides meeting the MEPS, energy savings and competitive pricing were among the top priorities. Following several meetings with the company’s project consultants, BOGE recommended the SO 270 W and SO 270 FW oil-free screw compressors, as well as two DS 460 refrigerant dryers with the Airtelligence Plus Master control.

Characterised by their intelligent design, innovative functional principle and high quality workmanship, synonymous with the BOGE brand, the SO series of oil-free compressors were identified to meet the customer’s requirements. The SO series comes with variable speed function that allows the machines to adapt easily to on-site demands and avoid costly idle times. All BOGE’s machines in the SO series are equipped with the premium efficiency class IE3 electric motor which is essential to energy-efficient compressed air operations. About 90 percent of the total cost of an electric motor over its lifetime lies in its power consumption and for the company, this solution offers a quick return on  investment.

“While high volumes of output energy generally result in excess power wastage, the SO series effortlessly ensures maximum energy efficiency at low power consumption, quiet operation and a service-friendly design that are hallmarks of this range of oil-free air compressors at the highest level,” says Nalin Amunugama, General Manager of BOGE Kompressoren Asia Pacific.

Along with the standout features of the SO series, the machines are fully-automated and connected to the BOGE Airtelligence Plus Master control. Both compressors are controlled on a singular, combined system where the cyclic load switching enables a balanced utilisation of the compressors, subsequently reducing service costs. With the ability to control six distinct compressors of different outputs, the company can continue to rely on the Airtelligence Plus control system for additional  compressors in the future.

The energy-efficient DS460 refrigerant dryers recommended by BOGE offer precise compressed air treatment system, specific to the type of application use, without compromising on the purity level stipulated for the electronics industry. The extremely economical compressed air dryer avoids excess compression due to the generous sizes of its components, allowing six percent of energy recovery for every bar of pressure.

The customer is very pleased with BOGE’s pre- and post sales follow-up, and applauded its efforts to reduce the carbon footprint with its premium energy-efficient air compressors.

With the wide range of best in class air compressors, BOGE continues to invest in new air compressor system solutions. The BOGE High Speed Turbo compressor (HST) series, for example, represents a new milestone in the advancement of oil-free compressed air production, and will soon take over the oil-free screw compressor market, and into the next level of energy efficiency.

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BOGE SO series

BOGE’s SO series of oil-free air compressors ensure maximum energy efficiency at low power consumption.


The intelligent layout of the DS460 refrigerant dryers guarantees energy-saving operations.