Oil-free, efficient and innovative: Compressed air for the drinks industry

The right oil-free solution for every application and every output range in the drinks industry – this was key to BOGE’s presentation at drinktec.

High Speed Turbo Compressor HST 110

The “little brother" of our tried-and-tested HST range, with all the advantages that the 220 model already has to offer. Astonishingly quiet and compact… and a minor miracle of efficiency too.

Scroll Compressor EO 6 DR

The EO 6 DR energy-saving scroll compressor is particularly suitable for use in milk production, for example with milking robots. Available with a separate refrigeration dryer on a container, the technology saves space and is extremely quiet in operation.

Nitrogen PSA Generator N 8-2 P

Combined with scroll compressors, for example, this is also ideal for the storage, recirculation or filling of wines. Nitrogen prevents the wine fermenting further and bacteria forming in the bottle. The quality of the food is increased as a result.