BOGE's high speed turbo technology represents a quantum leap in compressed air innovation! Thanks to a radical reduction in the number of parts and an ingenious construction principle - the air-bearing drive shaft guarantees particularly low-wear operation - we have achieved drastic improvements in efficiency and a simultaneous 30% reduction in overall costs!

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BOGE selectcair

BOGE High Speed Turbo marks a fundamental change, and this is not without consequences for the Aftermarket programme. With BOGE selectcair HST users can call on a comprehensive network of services that aims for continuous improvement.

BOGE selectcair offers the three programme options BASIC, ORIGINAL and PREMIUM. This allows all HST users to select the services that are perfectly tailored to their individual needs.

The new benchmark for oil-free compressed air



  • Oilfree Class 0: 
    No oil in the machine, no oil in the air
  • Focus on what matters:
    Every component optimised for its purpose
  • High Speed; redefined:
    Uniquely high speeds powered by an air-supported motor shaft
  • Not only for large-scale users: 
    The 55 kW version is the smallest machine on the market
  • Powerful down to the last detail:
    Titanium impeller and exclusive use of high-grade components
  • Efficient from power-up to power-down:
    Energy use in idle state <1,9% of nominal power
  • Unbelievably low total costs:
    Up to 30% lower than oil-free screw compressors
  • Scarcely audible:
    Sound pressure level between 63 and 69 dB(A), depending on size
  • Easy to overlook:
    Just half the size of an oil-free screw compressor
  • Impressively low weight.
    2/3 lighter than an oil-free screw compressor
  • BOGE quality, made in Germany:
    Proven in use over tens of thousands of operating hours
  • Heat recovery
    Process water temperature up to 90°

Daniel Mittag, Product manager HST   To realise these kind of advancements in efficiency, we were required, in some sense, to reinvent the wheel.

IF THERE IS NO OIL INSIDE, THERE IS NO OIL LEAK. Our new "High Speed Turbo" Compressors are designed in such a way that the entire drive mechanism operates entirely without lubricants - giving you the security of a 100% oil-free compressed air supply at all times. A "permanent magnet" motor and one-of-a-kind air-supported motor shaft ensure reliable, low-maintenance operation and minimal energy consumption, rendering BOGE's HST technology a globally unique innovation on two counts: its drive technology on one hand and its minimal footprint, weight and noise pressure on the other.


The driving force for fundamental change

  • The Design Principle

    The combination of permanent magnet motor and air-supported motor shaft - on which the impellers are located - embodies the ingenuity of this oil-free compression principle.

  • Dynamic Compression

    The turbo technology has long since survived its baptism of fire: A high speed rotating impeller sets the axially drawn air in rapid motion

  • The Titanium Impeller

    Reliability is our top priority - which is why titanium was the first and only choice of material for our HST Compressor machines

  • The Permanent Magnet Motor

    Permanent magnet motors were ideally suited to realising the BOGE designers' goal: achieving a breakthrough in the downsizing of their machines

  • Air Bearings Make Compact Dimensions Possible

    Users wishing to dispense entirely with oil or fat must replace conventional bearings with air bearings.

  • The Two-Motor Principle

    Two permanent magnet motors work with impellers of different sizes to make the three-level compression process possible.

  • The Intake Box

    The intake box serves mainly to optimise the air mass flow and the temperature of the intake air

  • Heat recovery

    Achieve a process water temperature of 90° with the same footprint

The compact machine series for virtually any area of application

High-quality, oil-free compressed air is an essential requirement in a number of sensitive areas of manufacturing:


100% oil-free compressed air is an essential requirement in the pharmaceutical industry and a number of other sensitive areas of manufacturing. HST Compressors completely eliminate the residual risk of oil escaping into the ambient air.


BOGE HST Compressors are ideally suited for use in coating lines, where even the slightest trace of oil can result in downtime. HST technology can also lead to significant reductions in energy costs.


For obvious reasons, dairy operations rely on oil-free compressed air - but that's not the only benefit that HST technology has to offer them. Its potential for heat recovery is also of significant interest, since a huge amount of process-related heat is generated during the production of powdered milk.


Where clean room conditions are required, it's of paramount importance that the compressed air supply is 100% oil-free. HST compressors offer peace of mind like no other, since when no oil is in the machine...





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