BOGE in the media



For more than a century, BOGE air compressors have stood the test of time, from the smallest workshop to the largest manufacturing lines.


Food safety has entered a new phase in its ongoing development due to fast-moving technology.


Compressed air is in high demand. However, where standard solutions no longer meet specific customer requirements, flexibility is called for. Leading compressed air specialist BOGE Kompressoren supplies tailor-made system solutions for plant construction.


From expediting diagnosis to enabling remote patient monitoring, smart technologies are playing a key role in improving patient outcomes, lowering costs, and creating efficiencies in today’s healthcare.


The technology is helping to overcome some of engineering’s greatest challenges, including cost and energy ineffi ciencies, and safety concerns.


Businesses today manage ever-complex supply chains, facing new challenges in both the planning and execution phases.


Emerging technologies are bringing huge benefits to the metals industry by enhancing operational efficiencies, reducing costs and improving sustainability.


High food waste levels remain a serious problem in cities today, placing a strain on global resources and government expenses.


Rapid urbanisation, rising incomes, and greater awareness of food safety and available health options are major trends contributing to Asia’s fast-growing demand for milk and dairy products.


Although 80 per cent of wastewater around the world is discharged back into waterways without being treated first, regulatory compliance, water shortages, and pollution are all spurring innovative and sustainable technologies for industrial wastewater treatment.