BOGE Offers the Ultimate Customer Experience at Distributors Forum, Malaysia

Twenty-nine participants from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines attended the BOGE Distributors Forum held at the PARKROYAL Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from October 17-19, 2018.  Hosted by BOGE Singapore, the participants represented a network of 14 dealers from the Asia Pacific region.

Product Managers from BOGE’s headquarters in Germany were on hand to introduce the new S-4 (from 55-160kW) and C-2 Series (from 2.2 to 22kW) that will be launched in 2019, as well as other exciting and upgraded oil free piston compressors and booster systems for PET applications.  

The S-4 model, representing the fourth generation of the popular S-series, is spearheading industrial progress, achieving a significant breakthrough in not only energy savings, but also in taking sound insulation to an entirely new level. The BOGE C-2 series of oil-lubricated scew compressors was redesigned to meet customers‘ demands, and sets the benchmark for efficiency, flexibility, and maintenance, and is a boon for ultra-silent applications. An added advantage is that the complete compressed air station is compact enough to fit in the smallest of spaces.

The BOGE SE series of screw compressors in the Southeast Asian market, though launched earlier this year, is still drawing a lot of interest, judging by the number of questions raised during the forum.

The next session was a highly interactive one involving Virtual Reality (VR).  Without question, VR is one of the most promising technologies to emerge in the 21st century, and BOGE is already using this poweful tool to deliver the ultimate customer experience.  With the help of VR glasses, participants got to experience the look and feel of the S-4 and C-2 machines upfront and close.  Through the VR interactions, they were able to conceptualise the size, design and layout of the equipment, and were even able to dismantle a complete compressor in a few minutes, and explore each component individually.

Participants were next updated on future BOGE products such as the oil free screw SO series, and intelligent controllers to be launched at COMVAC 2019 in Hannova Messe, Germany.  COMVAC taking place in April 2019 presents another great opportunity for BOGE to showcase its new line of air compressors and system solutions for a number of industrial applications. The distributors are looking forward to visiting the BOGE booth and cannot wait to introduce the new products to their local markets.

All the hard work and efforts of the distributors in the region did not go unnoticed. Their contributions to raising the market and visibility of the BOGE brand over the past 12 months were duly acknowledged and appreciated by BOGE.  Awards for outstanding performance were presented to Bangladesh (Gold), Sri Lanka (Silver), and Indonesia (Bronze).

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